Monday, 11 February 2008

MORE MILK YVETTE: A Journal of the Broken Screen

MORE MILK YVETTE is a London based journal of artists’ cinema, publishing reviews, responses, interviews, artists’ writings and online galleries of new work. It derives from my experience of an abundance of different screenings in London over the last year, and a wish to develop and participate in a culture of creative and critical response to that work.

The name is doubly derivative. MORE MILK YVETTE is a rarely screened Andy Warhol film of 1966 which, when I saw it last year in the TOTAL WARHOL season at the BFI, struck me as the great film of cinema history. Mario Montez’s repeated intonations of the line “More Milk Yvette” are rivalled in cinema only by the scene elsewhere in the film where ‘she’ and her co-star eat a hamburger in unison.

The phrase BROKEN SCREEN is derived from Doug Aitken’s book of interviews of that title, whose range of interviewees is a marker for the range and quality of engagement I hope will characterise this project.

Submissions of reviews, articles, interviews and proposals are welcome and should be sent to the editor, David Berridge, at